Jordan Ashburn is a Tennessee native who grew up in Cookville. He is currently a member of the Magna 1 race team. His father has been riding since he was a child, has always been a huge fan of the sport, and still enjoys attending events. Like most of the other pro riders, he began riding at a young age.

How did he get started?

“If you get to ride a bicycle, then I’ll let you ride your sister’s motorbike,” David Ashburn said to his son Jordan when they first started out 25 years ago. Jordon took his father’s word for it and learned not only how to ride a bike but also how to ride nearly anything with two wheels.

He began racing at the age of four and a half, on a PW 50, in his regional flat track series at the carnival. It was entertaining, and since he was simply walking around in circles, it was an excellent learning environment. He rode a lot in the woods after that and did his first hare scrambling when he’s on an 85.

“He never really thought about if he would race competitively or not for a long time, rising up through the ranks,” he said. Sure, we all imagine it when we’re younger, but he wasn’t actually considering it.   Shortly after, the competitive Ashburn began to take his newfound journey seriously and began racing whenever and anywhere he could.

In 2011, he had his first professional ride, competing in the XC2 division. Yeah! It’s been a ride and a roller coaster – some years have been better than others, but at the end of each day, it’s something that people have thought of doing, something he longed of doing, and he was thankful that he had the talents and abilities to achieve it.

Current Ranking of Jordan Ashburn

Jordan Ashburn is presently third in the National Championship points standings after eight rounds of racing in 2021. As the GNCC Series returns on January 19-20, Ashburn is hoping to put his preparation to good use and finally get that overall podium result he’s been chasing all season.

His Racing Career

Jordan finished 25th in the recent GNCC Ironman competition (October 23rd, 2021). He has also competed in Buckweat100 and Burr Oak, finishing 5th and 3rd, respectively. He came up with a boom and finished third in the last Mountaineer race. He finished third in the Snowshoe, Mountaineer, Mason-Dixon, and Hoosier championships, moving him up to third overall in the national championship point table.

Jordan Ashburn was the series champion when he was 12 years old. That happened in 2003, and he did it again the following year. In 2011 Ashburn was promoted to the Championship Division and he began making money.  In cross country, he did win two titles, the Open A Class and the Local Pro Championship. 2014 might be his favorite year because he was chosen to represent the United States in Japan by GNCC (Grand National Cross Country) in 2014. He went out there and did his best, came in first and made his country proud.

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