Now Available! Mountain Bike Bar Mount Technology

Introducing HAMMERHEAD360 for mountain bikes!

Based on our worldwide patented MAKO360 design, we are proud and excited to be bringing our HAMMERHEAD360 to the MTB world. It’s the same game changing technology that has been so popular with Red Bull athletes, Rockstar Energy athletes, Monster Energy athletes and, of course, weekend warriors and enthusiasts around the globe. Adding a tunable level of suspension to handlebars is coming soon for bicycle riders and racers that will be able to experience a level of comfort that has been previously not possible.

Constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum that is machined to tolerances commonly assigned to only the aircraft and medical device industry, but with design that is reminiscent of the worlds greatest artists, the HAMMERHEAD360 is destined to rock the MTB world.

Like our famous MAKO360, The HAMMERHEAD360 allows cushioned travel in any direction or angle to which force is applied to the handlebars. In other words, it provides significant additional dampening in 360 degrees. The dampening is not mechanically limited to a single plane. It dampens in every direction, which provides a level of comfort like nothing before it.

The HAMMERHEAD360 is shipping now.

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The HAMMERHEAD360 also eliminates any “metal to metal” contact between the handlebars and the rest of the bike producing greatly reduced vibration to the rider’s hands. It reduces the stress on your wrists, hands and arms when you hit the bumps.

With the HAMMERHEAD360 engineered polymers absorbing the vibration, riders will have substantially less grip issues, arm pump issues and overall fatigue. The result is higher energy levels on all rides, whether they are long or short. The added comfort will allow you to hit obstacles harder and faster, which means you can adjust your suspension more aggressively to get more out of your bike and yourself.

Easy installation! Check out the 2-page instruction manual.