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XCGEAR, LLC was founded in 2015 by dirt bike enthusiast and inventor, Lance Smith.

Lance started riding dirt bikes at age 10 on the classic Honda XL70. In his mid-20s he began racing in the Mid-South area, and won his first two races. After that, he was hooked, and has been racing ever since. He’s been involved in motorcycles for over 40 years, with a semi-pro career spanning three decades.

But like a lot of dirt bike racers, Lance had his share of injuries, particularly to his hands, wrists and knees. He began a quest to reduce vibration and impacts to those areas.  In 2012, Lance began work on a footpeg idea that, through a lot of trial and error, became the Spurz we offer today.

In 2014, Lance developed an idea for a completely free-floating handlebar mount with no metal-to-metal contact that would absorb impact and vibrations in 360 degrees of movement. That idea evolved into our MAKO360 mount, and our design continues to evolve and improve.

With thousands of rider hours in testing and refinement, our flagship product, the MAKO 360, was released in 2016. Since then, it’s gotten worldwide attention for its innovative design. The MAKO 360 and SPURZ are now used and loved by racing professionals and amateur riders alike around the world.


Andrew Delong
Andrew DelongXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Ryan Sipes
Ryan SipesXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Thorn Devlin
Thorn DevlinXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Vance Earl
Vance EarlXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Dustin Gibson
Dustin GibsonXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Hank Mason
Hank MasonXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Tanner McCoy
Tanner McCoyXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Ryder Lafferty
Ryder LaffertyXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Evan Earl
Evan EarlXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Zack Hayes
Zack HayesXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
AJ Halford
AJ HalfordXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Josh Scott
Josh ScottXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Craig Delong
Craig DelongXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Tayla Jones
Tayla JonesXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Alex Witkowski
Alex WitkowskiXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Rick Emerson
Rick EmersonXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Dylan Dela Cruz
Dylan Dela CruzXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Russell Bobbitt
Russell BobbittXCGEAR Sponsored Rider
Nick Fahringer
Nick FahringerXCGear Sponsored Rider
Nick Davis
Nick DavisXCGear Sponsored Rider

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