Mackenzie Tricker, 26 years old, lives in Sydney, Australia, but spends much of her time riding in the United States, where she has 5 National Championships and a second place finish in the Female’s Class at Loretta Lynn’s 2012.

How it all got started?

Mackenzie Tricker learned to ride a cross-country bike as a young girl. After appealing with her father to accompany her to a racecourse, he finally agreed, and the tiny Australian was obsessed.

Her Racing Career

At the start of 2008 Mackenzie began to win contests and love racing, it became a weekly heartbreak for her. Tricker received backing from an independent squad in Sydney in 2009, which resulted to huge national achievement.

She has a desire of becoming a champion in the U.S, and she is ready to work at McDonald’s to assist her parents to pay for her riding expenditures. Tricker came fourth overall in her maiden season in the Women’s Motocross World Championship, one point behind third. She might have won the championship if she hadn’t ruptured her ACL in round 2 and missed the second moto. She has a junior motocross title in Melbourne, although she has usually come second to Meghan Rutledge, another Australian participating at the X Games.

Mackenzie rides in the US

Mackenzie and her father traveled to Gainesville, Florida in 2011 to compete in the Mini Olympics. Tricker proved she possessed what it took to battle up front with many of America’s most well-known professional female racers, and she decided to concentrate her riding efforts on the U.S.

Mackenzie put her hands on Loretta Lynn’s in 2012, but she came up one point short of the championship and finished second. Mackenzie has spent the last three years focusing on Loretta Lynn’s and the WMX title.

Tricker has been unable to win a WMX championship due to bad fortune and injuries, but she has won three Loretta Lynn’s Championships at the Loretta Lynn Ranch.

Mackenzie competed in the WMX Series and the GNCC Series in 2016 against by the best female riders on two wheels.

Mackenzie Tricker went 1-1 in the ninth round at Women’s Motocross Championship in 2016, earning her maiden overall victory (WMX).

She fantasizes about winning the FIM World Enduro Championship. Although she is no longer in contention for the GNCC Championship, she can still win the FIM World Enduro Championship if she wins a few more races before the end of September 2022.

Mackenzie Tricker Inspiration and a Serious Crash

She was critically injured during practicing for a race at Glen Helen Raceway in July of 2016. She slammed against the wall after losing control of her bike and suffering injuries to her face, shoulder, and back.

Despite her injuries, Mackenzie has recovered completely and is already racing again. She told Racer X online that the accident was a “big alarm call” and it made her more determined than ever win the races. She expressed her gratitude for the experience by saying, “I’m grateful for the experience. It helps you understand how lucky you are.”

Final Words

Mackenzie Tricker is an inspiration to all aspiring motocross riders. At only 26 years of age, she has achieved more than many people do in a lifetime. Her dedication and passion for the sport are evident in her racing, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the future. If you want to be like Mackenzie and start riding dirt bikes, make sure you get the right gear first. She is a passionate rider and she rides like one.

"The XC mounts have really helped with my riding, making it easier on my hands and arms.”



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