Russell Bobbitt

Russell Bobbitt is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is a 5 time Enduro champion. He leads the majority of American riders in motocross. He is very active with his fan base and regularly hosts Q&A sessions on Twitter. Fans can ask about his life, racing, sponsorships, and everything else that he can answer. These sessions allow fans to get closer to Russell Bobbitt. Due to this, many are already calling him one of the most influential motocross riders of all time.

How did he get started?

Russell Bobbitt has been racing Enduro since he was only 9 years old. He started from humble beginnings with a 2nd Place finish in his first race. This impressive result gave him the confidence to pursue motocross racing as a career.

Achievements of Russell Bobbitt

He spent 10 Consecutive Years as a Factory Racer and is a 5 time National Enduro Champion. He has won the AMA Athlete of the Year and was a member of Team USA at ISDE in 2010. During this, his team took home 3 Gold Medals and a Trophy Team Podium Finish to take 2nd Place Overall. In 2011 Bobbitt took home the National Enduro Championship Title, and then in 2012, he won the Enduro Overall.

Russell Bobbitt is a 5 time Enduro Champion, having traveled the country. He has taken home titles at countless Off-Road Series Events on these travels. These championships include National Enduro Championships as well as SE&TRA Championship Titles. His accomplishments also extend internationally. One example of these achievements is a 3rd Place at the Tennessee Knockout Extreme Race. In addition, he claimed a 5th Overall Finish at National Trials Red Bull Last Man Standing.

Russell Bobbitt has been an AMA Pro Racer for 10 consecutive years. During this time, he has taken home many impressive accomplishments throughout his time as a factory racer. His list of titles reflects the difficulty he had in gaining each one. This alludes to how passionate he truly is about this sport.

Injuries of Russell Bobbitt

On June 5, 2014 at home in Georgia, Russell Bobbitt practiced and then crashed his bike during that practice. At first, the motorcycle landed on top of him. Afterwards, the cycle was pushed onto his chest by a friend who hadn’t seen him underneath. He suffered six broken ribs and a punctured lung which caused him to be off of the bike. Bobbitt was told by his doctor that he would be off of the bike for an indefinite amount of time. He was also told to stay at least six inches away from it during this time.


Russell Bobbitt is one of the most well-known riders in the world. He has an unbelievably large fan base that idolizes him for his skills on and off of the motorcycle. The lessons he teaches younger riders are invaluable. This is because they learn what it means to be an athlete beyond just being a motocross racer.

There is one quote that particularly stands out when reflecting upon Russell Bobbitt’s career… “I only wish that I would have had someone like him to look up to and teach me what it means to be an athlete.”

This quote encapsulates the impact that Russell Bobbitt has made on this industry. He continues to live inside of his fans even after retiring from the sport.

“After years of running stiff bar clamps, switching to the XCGEAR Mako360 offered much needed compliance to my wrists and hands and makes riding much less fatiguing.“



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