Cody Webb is a professional motorcycle enduro trials rider in the United States. After a series of six 1st place finishes toward the end of the 2010 season, he won his breakthrough, first place finish in the 2010 NATC Motorcycle Trials Championship. 

It was not always the same; Cody had to overcome many challenges before becoming a Red Bull Athlete and Factory ONE Sherco team rider. In his youth, Cody’s mother, Francesca did not allow him to ride a dirt bike. And, she also thought that motocross was way too risky. Cody always craved a real dirt bike, and his idol, Geoff Aaron, was riding Endurocross. But Francesca was raised and educated by parents who hated motorbikes, so the fact that she married Kip Webb, a professional trials rider, was amusing enough. Francesca ended up being more tolerant than her parents, began riding a bike at the age of 19 and even competed in the North American Trials Council (NATC) circuit. Eventually, and thankfully, she eventually softened to the idea of Cody riding motocross.

EnduroCross Race and Cody’s First Motocross Bike:

In 2007 Cody, now a professional trials competitor, was advised that if he really wanted a motorcycle, he’d have to buy one himself. Clearly, that obstacle did not stop Cody. That November, he also came within 10 yards of qualifying for the pro class main event at the sixth EnduroCross race hosted in the United States.

European riders have always dominated hard enduro, but American ace Cody Webb is changing that. Cody, like the majority of great Hard Enduro riders, grew up riding trials. He won two American national titles and six silver medals before switching to enduro. He has a reputation for being one of the slickest and efficient racers.

When Cody Becomes a True Hard Enduro Champion:

Cody made his name in the tight, frantic confines of Endurocross courses, where he solidified himself with medals at the X Games. He come with title-winning performances in the AMA Endurocross Championship in 2014 and 2015. But, it is in the terrifying Erzberg terrain where Cody has proven his true Hard Enduro skills.

In 2016, Cody shook the established Hard Enduro order when he scored an unexpected second-place finish at the 2016 Red Bull Hare Scramble. He became the first American to achieve a victory in one of Hard Enduro’s major events.

Cody has turned himself from a one-time trials champion to one of the world’s fiercest and most talented off-road riders. Even if he wins by 18.3 seconds and moves up to fourth position (Everett, 2017), or if he wins by 43 seconds and moves up to the third place (Boise, 2017), he still has work to do.

Ups and Downs in His Career

Cody Webb injured his knee and foot in early November while competing in the Erzberg Rodeo’s prologue. In the past, he also broke his fourth metatarsal. The MAKO360 absorbs impact and vibrations in all directions and helps reduce his fatigue during enduro cross competitions. 

"I'll be honest, i was hesitant to try the MAKO, but after testing a set, I'm impressed."



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