SPURZ Footpegs are an “out of the box”, big thinking, way to approach foot pegs. They are proven to reduce fatigue, absorb vibration and provide additional cushioned travel and flexing for your feet.

Fits a Wide Variety of Models

Interchangeable and Replaceable Polymers  

Starting at $279

SPURZ dirt bike foot pegs


mako360 dirt bike handlebar mount

360 Degree Technology

SPURZ Foot Pegs provide proven vibration dampening in all 360 degrees. When installed, they significantly reduce vibration in any direction or at any angle. Unlike other solutions, the vibration reduction is not only occurring on a single plane. The result is a level of comfort like never before.

Less Trail Hack

SPURZ Foot Pegs eliminate any “metal to metal” contact between the foot pegs and the rest of the motorcycle. These dirt bike flex pegs take the sting out of big hits and greatly reduce vibration to the rider’s legs and feet. Riders will have substantially less foot and leg fatigue with the engineered polymers absorbing the vibration.

With less vibration, you can maintain higher energy levels on all rides, whether they are long or short. The added comfort will allow you to hit obstacles harder and faster, which means you can adjust your suspension more aggressively to get more out of your bike and yourself.

Less strain on your body means that you can stay on your bike longer and ride feeling less fatigue. Less vibration will benefit riders of any level.


Fits Most Makes and Models (Check your Model)
Weight: 19.6 oz


17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Available in Natural and New Age Powdercoat Finish
Custom Engineered Polyurethane 

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100% Made in the USA

SPURZ dirt bike footpegs

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