Travis Pastrana is a skilled stuntman and professional motorsports racer from the United States who has won many X Games gold medals and raced in NASCAR. Travis Pastrana was born on October 8, 1983, in Annapolis, Maryland, to parents Robert and Debby Pastrana. His father, who was of Puerto Rican origin, made a career in the military. 

When a young Pastrana expressed an interest in racing dirt bikes, his parents encouraged him and promised to do all possible to help him succeed as long as he was responsible and maintained excellent grades. So now, he is a well-known stuntman and motorsports racer. He has won gold medals at the X Games in a variety of sports and is a three-time motocross racing champion. 

Evergreen Achievements of Travis Pastrana

During 2009, he launched his own TV sports show, Nitro Circus.  As part of History’s Evel Live event in Las Vegas in 2018, he landed three motorcycle jumps previously attempted by famous daredevil Evel Knievel.

Pastrana has scored first in three motocross championships: Pastrana also competed in the Motocross des Nations in 2000. During 2002, he advanced to the 250cc division. He’s easy to recognize on the track because of his stand-up style, ability to spot jump combos, and strong speed through the whoops.

Pastrana’s Flurry of Firsts

Firstly, Travis Pastrana won the first-ever MotoX freestyle competition at the X Games in 1999. During that competition, he made a new record and scored 99.00 points, which was the highest score ever achieved in the MotoX freestyle competition. Secondly, he was the first rider to attempt a backflip on a motorcycle in a competition at the 2000 X Games. Similarly, Travis was the first rider to ever successfully land a backflip in competition at the Summer Gravity Games in 2002. In addition, he was also one of the first riders to land a 360 in a competition in 2003. Likewise, he was the first rider to do a double backflip at the 2006 X Games. Moreover, he scored a 98.60 during that event, the highest score ever in the Best Trick competition. Finally, at a single X Games event, he earned three gold medals. Pastrana began executing acrobatics during motocross racing when he was 13 years old, enthralling the crowd and paving the way for a career in freestyle motocross.

Story of Injuries

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