MAKO 360 is a revolutionary, “game-changing” way to mount handlebars on a motorcycle. This revolutionary technology is popular with Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster Energy athletes, not to mention weekend warriors and enthusiasts around the globe.

Russell Bobbit


RUSSELL BOBBITT XCGEAR RIDER “After years of running stiff bar clamps, switching to the XCGEAR Mako360 offered much needed compliance to my wrists and hands and makes riding much less fatiguing.“ Russell Bobbitt XCGEAR MAKO360 Handlebar Mount HAMMERHEAD360 Handlebar Mount  SPECIALTIES Enduro FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Instagram

Lance Smith


Lance Smith has been involved in motorcycles for over 40 years, with a semi-pro career spanning three decades. He founded XCGEAR to satisfy his own need for vibration reducing dirt bike equipment. His handlebar mounts are now sold world wide.

Ryan Sipes Dirt Bike Moto Mobile


Ryan Sipes is a dirt bike racer from Kentucky, who became a professional in the summer of 2004. He’s well known for being a modern Moto Renaissance Man. In other words, he’s versatile in numerous areas of the sport, often placing well regardless of competition.